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For those seeking physical therapy in Oconomowoc Wisconsin, physical rehabilitation at RiverLakes Pain and Wellness is delivered by well-trained medical professionals. Because physical therapy rehabilitation is an extremely important part of the physical medicine approach to healthcare, at RiverLakes Pain and Wellness in Oconomowoc, physical therapy is a major part of what we do. For Oconomowoc Wisconsin physical therapy rehabilitation, you can trust the professionals at RiverLakes Pain and Wellness.

Physical rehabilitation is particularly useful in alleviating pain and injury when combined with other natural therapy practices, including chiropractic and massage therapy. That’s why, at RiverLakes Pain and Wellness, we use physical therapy rehabilitation to increase flexibility, strengthen muscles, broaden range of motion, improve balance and coordination, helping patients to avoid further injury and improve their quality of life. By providing an accurate diagnosis through thorough examination of each patient, we are able to design unique treatment plans, customized to help patients achieve optimal wellness. Through non-invasive practices that include chiropractic care and physical rehabilitation we alleviate pain and help patients regain their strength and heal after surgery, illness, or an accident. If you’re seeking physical therapy rehabilitation in Oconomowoc Wisconsin, you need look no further than RiverLakes Pain and Wellness.

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For people in Waukesha county, leg pain, sciatica pain, spinal stenosis, chronic pain, and other medical concerns need no longer be a problem. RiverLakes Pain and Wellness Center offers many treatments, including chiropractic care, for conditions like back pain and neck pain in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, 53066. For your FREE consultation, call us today at 262-200-2700.

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1370 Pabst Farms Cir Ste 340
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Phone: 262-200-2700